Asset Management
Asset Management Addressing the whole portfolio of asset and managing them through a comprehensive strategy.

  • Categorization 
    • based on similar management attributes
      • Financial, Real property
      • Infrastructure
      • Continuous assets: Electric Grids
  • Breaking Total Life Cycle Asset Management into its constituent asset life cycle stages
  • Evaluate the asset management strategies and best practices at each life cycle stage
    with a focus on the total life cycle cost

Life cycle 

Asset Management WorkDesk

  • Manage all of your asset:
    • Single Point of Storage and Delivery of Information
    • deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking from a single system
  • Comprehensive maintenance work management solution for planned and unplanned activities:
    • long- and short-term planning, preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, schedule management
    • resource optimization and key performance indicators
  • Plan inventory to meet maintenance demand precisely
    • making the right parts/peripherals available at the right location when needed
  • Comprehensive contract management support
    • Manage your vendor contracts for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, rate, master, blanket and user-defined contracts
  • Define service offerings and establish service level agreements (SLAs)
    • Align service levels with business objectives
  • Audit
    • Integrated with Bar coding and RFID
    • Automatically Maintain Audit History

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