Started in 2006, Glozon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is being led by a team of 2 IITians, driven by a common goal for excellence in a very competitive field of Networking and Database Management through innovative ideas and models, which have the potential to become the growth engine of tomorrow.  

Armed with world proven technologies and the vision to provide the total solution to our customers, Company provides IT solutions to medium and large sized enterprises based on their requirements that make them capable to survive and prosper in the era of fast shifting business and organizational environment.

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Glozon Leadership

Success Stories
  • Implementation of Master Database and Application for preparation of DPR for UPRE Project, Reliance Energy, India
  • Augmentation of Master Database and Application for generation of BOM & BOQ, Raibareilly, Reliance Energy, India
  • Design of an expert system for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of Aircraft components, ACRS, India
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Core Competence

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